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Updated 3/30/24

16 y/o, EST

I’ve been developing for 3+ years. I’m very well versed in scripting, building, and animating.
My build workflow mainly consists of using Roblox Studio.
I use Moon Animator and my animations are mostly R6 but I’m comfortable with doing R15 animations as well.


Shed Invaders (4/3/23 - 8/27/23)

Shed Invaders

Shed Invaders originally started as a Game Jam hosted by GnomeCode which got into the runner-ups. I decided to continue the concept and turn it into a standalone game.



Game Jam Showcase
Short Devlog

Summer Event

WIP Lobby


3D Platformer Prototype (7/14/22 - 9/14/22)

I was obsessed with 3D platformers for a while and with Find Everything being in development, it prompted me to create this.


Crystal Caverns Level

My personal animations:

UTPR Animation
Birthday Animation
Thanksgiving Special

200 Subscriber special (I want to emphasize the first 8 seconds of the video because the rest is just doing gestures to match the subtitles which isn’t too impressive.)
400 Sub QnA (The first 12 seconds of the video is an animation. Everything else is just answering questions.)

You’ve seen my builds in previous projects above, but this category strictly focuses on the builds I’ve created.


Another platformer game I made but I’m not too proud of the movement. The builds make up for it though

A PVP arena I built, directly based off of a Minecraft map


A temple I built for a fan’s Piggy inspired game

Because of school, I won’t be available until 5:00 EST.
On weekends I will always be available.

Prices are negotiable, I accept payment per task and hourly rates.
Payment methods I take: Robux and/or Paypal

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord: fast2letgo

Thank you for reading!