[OPEN] dollfacexv's digital art commissions

Good evening. My name is Dollface, I’m a beginner digital artist offering my services to the Roblox DevForum community. I live in East Asia and am a working student.

My software is FireAlpaca, I use a mouse to draw and have been doing so for years.

Update; revamped the portfolio. ^^

Here are some of my works. I have two artstyles with separate prices.

Artstyle #1







Artstyle #2



Full body

I only accept payments through PayPal. I might expand to other types of payment, but PayPal invoicing would be my preference for now.

Artstyle #1

Headshots - $10.00 USD
Bust-up - $15.00 USD
Thigh-cut - $20.00 USD

Artstyle #2

Icon - $13.00 USD
Thigh-cut - $17.00 USD
Full Body - $20.00 USD

There will be extra charges for complex details. (Background, Accessories, etc.)

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service.
These terms can and will change at any time without warning.

  • First come, first serve.
  • I will send a sketch to gain the client’s approval, then the full payment must be done after 24 hours.
  • I have the right to decline any commission that seems difficult for me.
  • I finish fairly quickly and can work with deadlines. However, I may charge more if the deadline is very soon.
  • I will take a maximum of three commissions at one time from the same person.
  • Any edits to my work are to be done with my permission only.
  • Minor changes are free.
    Major changes of any kind will cost extra after the commission is complete. If the request wasn’t specified at the beginning of the commission request. (Ex; a specific pose), the change will cost a large fee.
  • If I struggle in the middle of a commission, I will refund a specific amount depending on how much work I’ve done.

You are free to contact me by messaging me here, on Discord, or my E-mail.

Discord; beau#1727
E-mail; cinnawonuwu@gmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to read! I’m new to the DevForum and excited to see where this’ll get me.


These are amazing! Keep up the great work!


Impressive! I could never make anything like that.