[OPEN] Experienced Clothing Designer

Hi, I’m goober. I specialize in clothing design and, have been doing so for nearly a year. My dream is to someday open up a clothing group.

I make all types of clothing, but I enjoy making vibrant, and colorful clothing. Lately, I’ve been looking into more rustic and cozy clothing.(I’ve always been a rustic and cozy person, even when I used to build.)

I’m mostly looking for long term jobs.

Programs I use to design clothing:

  • MediBang Paint

Groups I worked for

Galaretka Studio - Roblox

Starlight's Studios - Roblox

Madd's Games - Roblox

Orangify - Roblox

Satan's Store - Roblox

My official clothing group!! It’s not much now, but it’s slowly becoming more active. Most of my best works are on this clothing group!

Goober’s Clothing - Roblox

Clothing may vary depending on section.


Most Recent Designs:

Sample designs, I made them on my free time.

From my tutorial here on DevForums. Highly recommend you check it out if you’re learning clothing design!

Recent Halloween commissions! Coming soon this October, if you’d like to purchase them check out JustMiaHere’s clothing group, Orangify.

Holiday Christmas Commissions!

Over the years…

In-game View


Pink Aesthetic Skirt w/ Tank Top and Socks - Roblox

😳✨ Aesthetic Pink Barbie Fishet Dress 💕😍 - Roblox

✨🐰 Lil’ Bunny Penny Tee 🐰✨ - Roblox

✨ Shorty Short Jeans ✨ - Roblox

Cute Candy Corn Dress /w Shoes 👻 🎃 - Roblox

Cute Halloween candycorn pajama shirt! - Roblox

Cute Halloween candycorn pajama pants! - Roblox

Pumpkin Dress - Roblox

Pumpkin Dress Pants - Roblox

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Hoodie 🎃 - Roblox

Cozy Holiday Sweater - Roblox

Cozy Holiday Sweater /w Brown Socks - Roblox

Methods of Payment
  • Giftcards (if you’re trustworthy)
  • T-shirts/Gamepasses (tax included + recommended)
  • Group Funds (not recommended)
    Discord Nitro (Depending on the difficulty of the design)
When to pay?

I normally, expect payment after I send you a watermark version of your outfit. We could do half now half later but, for time sakes I believe paying whole would be easier.

Outfit Payment

Single Outfit: 500-1k

5 Outfit: 1k-5k

10 Outfit: 5k-10k

outfits include shirts and pants

Note: if you’re recruiting a team, or I applied for a position you may disregard this section, unless you have not mentioned your price in your original post.

Due to me returning to school, my hours will be limited to mainly weekends. I can still maintain a weekly upload schedule. Please do note, there may be occasional backups from receiving an abundance of requests. Your designs are still one of my top priorities.

You can contact me on DevForums or by Roblox messages. I have a discord too but, I’m rarely active on it. Reply to this post if you sent me a friend request so, I can accept it.

Update: I made a Form where you could submit your request. If you’re just going to commission me, use this link.

Lowercase g, it’s case sensitive.
Discord - goober#3928


I recommend working with wereallgoofygoobers6. Makes really great T-shirts and pants! Best of all, it does it very fast! :slightly_smiling_face:


Goober does great work, not only is she fast and talented but she also understands what you want.

She puts her best effort in and its worth every robux to buy from goober!!!

If your looking for cloths goober is a no brainer.

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Hello! I dmd you on discord Collin#4429, Your work is very nice.

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I’m glad you like my work! I didn’t get your request, but I did send one to you. Let me know if you see it.