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FishslayerX' Roblox Scripting Portfolio

About Me:

Hello, my name is FishslayerX, but you can just call me Fish. I have been playing on the roblox platform for over a decade. However, a little over a year ago, i dove into the Roblox API with the desire to make my own games. So since then, i became a self-taught scripter ( From the ground up. ), worked with many amazing developers, and some not so great developers. I have sharpened my skills, and would classify myself as an Advanced Roblox Scripter.


I am currently making an interactive "Showcase game" for you guys to see what i can do, but please note that is not what im limited to.

For now, this is what I currently can do and once again remember that this isnt what im limited to.

  • DataStores
  • Inventory Systems
  • Camera Manipulation



    Interactive Models

    UI Manipulation

Once more, whats shown is not what I am limited to.


So how I handle my workload, is that I limit myself to ONE "Start-To-Finish" game at a time, and also THREE "Asset-based-Commissions". I also, limit myself to working ten hours a day on the weekdays. Please check below of my current availability.

  • Hours: 10 hours a day Monday - Friday. I take weekends off.
  • Start-To-Finish: One Game at a time: Currently - CLOSED
  • Asset-Based: Three games at a time: Currently - AVAILABLE


My prices are always negotiable and are heavily based on the workload. Please also note that robux is priced at $0.0035 per 1 R$.

  • Start-To-Finish: I charge 10k R$ (or $35 USD) upfront, and then 15k R$ (or $52.50 USD) robux and 49% equity upon completion of the game.
  • Asset-Based: Every commission is different and therefor are priced different. I will give you an estimate before I start..However, I can guarantee that i will categorize assets in Small(750 R$), Medium(1000 R$), or Large Assets(2000 R$).


I can be contacted on either here ( the forum ), or on Discord. For a quick response, I would advise contacting my Discord -- FishslayerX#4270

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful, productive day! :slightly_smiling_face:


can you do a nice pet system with hatching

Let me know if you’re interested, you’ll be working with our scripter which works 5+ hours a day.

he ignored me and never replied so wdym

Added on discord, my username is 12904#1757… Look forward to working with you!

Aye, you went dark over Discord. Are you still working on my commission?


Still doing commissions for smaller work!

Very cheap & was very quick with my order! Also made sure to give me feedback on my order to try and make it better. Very easy to communicate with.