[Open for commissions] DisorientedProtocol - Animator

About Me

Hello There!
It is I, DisorientedProtocol.
I specialize in animating mainly. :123:
I mostly enjoy animating viewmodels with guns and stuff because I love animating guns and that stuff.
I can also make other animations.


Older animations below

Gears and viewmodels are not made by me. Credit to the makers of these gears and viewmodels.


I am available basically all day every week.


My prices are always flexible and are negotiable. I mainly take Group Funds but I do also take PayPal. I rarely accept percentages. I do not take t-shirt payment.


You can contact me on discord as I am most active there. Petrified Tree#9492

Thanks for reading! :123:


Hey, your contact info doesn’t seem to work. I am looking for a animator, could you contact me here: IAmVolvic#7032

looking to hire you, discord link not functioning

Oh, sorry about that. Changed my name on discord. Will fix that now!

On another note, I am going to redo the portfolio as this is outdated!