[OPEN] Halloween themed "Treat Rush" Scripting Opportunity

Hello, my name is gloows!

  • About the game

The game would be called “Treat Rush”
The game is basically trick or treating but with a twist;
You would spawn in a lobby and a countdown would start at 3 players,
Then you would spawn into the trick or treat town,
Collect as much candy as you possibly can by knocking on doors on different houses before the timer of 4 minutes runs out. You put the candy into a “Candy Collector” once your bucket is full for it to count. There will also be different monsters that can be behind the door whom take away candy from your bucket. You’ll be able to buy new costumes that gives you walkspeed. And then buckets that give you more bucket space
So you have to put it into the collector less often ^

  • Payment

I was thinking of handing out a percentage of the game’s revenue From different gamepasses such as Double Speed, Infinity Bucket, Double Candy, Less Tricks And more, but I haven’t really planned that yet And then there would be a backup payment. I will also put about 5000 robux or more into sponsors
The backup payment would also be a fair price of around 3-5k

  • Requirements

Good daily communication
Positive attitude
Can speak English fluently

  • Contact

Contact me via gloows#5680 on discord if you’re interested in joining the team.image


I wasn’t going to comment here because i already am in a project but when i saw no one else responded i though, why not try?

I meet all the requirements, (well, probably) and if no one else responded yet i may be able to help you if we make a schedule. So i just want to know if anyone has responded you yet

Ps: You can also check my scripting level if you want


Sent a friend request!
You can view my portfolio here

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That sounds like a brilliant idea!
I like the twist and i would like to work with you guys!

I have send you an discord friend request here is mine username: HawDevelopment#8939

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Hello, Very interested!
Contact me via Discord : ItsChoco#0902

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