[OPEN] Hiring a Builder

About Us

Hi! I am Cxany. I am the founder of Criminals Development. I joined the platform in 2015 and I joined development in 2017. I am currently looking for a bunch of developers to help me on my upcoming project. This is my very first owned project. I have worked on multiple other projects that were not owned by me. I specialize in building, UI and game design.

The Team

@Cxany - Owner | Game Design | Builder | UI Design
@Exaboy - Staff Manager
@lEpikz - Modeler

Click here to see our team’s portfolio.

The Game

I got inspiration from this game concept from the game ‘Dawn of Aurora’. If you do not know the concept, the concept of my game, Criminals will be a Jailbreak/Mad City type game. There will be a huge environment to explore around with friends. There will be multiple locations where you can interact with stuff. However, this isn’t just like the classic escape jail games and rob. When you join the game, you will be granted with 2 options. Civilian and Police. As a police you are supposed to patrol the island for criminals and stop heists. As a civilian, you are an innocent player on the island. Civilians can work at different places around the map to earn money to buy cars, weapons, tools or furniture for your house. However, civilians can turn against the law and commit a crime. The first crime they commit, they will earn a bounty and become a criminal. Multiple heists will be placed around the map for criminals to rob at. These heists actually have some gameplay to them unlike other games. From a store, you must buy different items in order to rob the location. Such as explosives, lock picks and other tools. However, once you commit a crime on camera, you will be alerted to police. Your character will be pinned for 1 minute straight. Cops can view any camera at any time, too.

I truly think this is a unique game concept and think it will gain a lot of popularity and attraction.

The Job

I am currently looking for a builder to build in a realistic style way. The builder will build in a futuristic, rundown and normal city way. This is a long term project. Meaning that you will stay until release and after release for future updates. I am looking for someone who is dedicated to the project and meets the following requirements:

  • 14+ of age
  • Atleast 2 hours of activity a day
  • Okay with payment
  • Professional & respectful attitude
  • Atleast 9 months of experience with building
  • Must have previous work
  • Must have a discord & roblox account
  • Must be dedicated to the project
  • Must be able to communicate well to other developers
  • Must keep assets confidential
  • Must be able to build like this.


Sadly, I do not have enough payment to pay al l of my developers a reasonable amount of robux to create the game. That is why I am looking for people who are passionate for the game. I will be giving my builders 25% of game revenue.

Contact Us

If you are interested in the project and meet the requirements, make sure you DM me on discord. I will feel free to see your work!

Discord: cxany#9392

Thank you!


I tried to add you but your not accepting friend request it says.

Here is my discord - kyzer#9336

Portfolio - ImagineLeqtric - Builder Portfolio [For Hire]

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