[OPEN] Hiring Devs


Hello, My name Is mars, and I’m hiring devs…


A city, more details will be given in discord.

Dev Positions

GFX Designer
Animation designers
UI Designers


Looking to spend 5k-10k


Discord: mars#0070

You need to explain a lot better… follow the template, so people understand what you need.


Devforum is for hiring Devs.
You can’t hire “Staff” in DevForum.
Please get a understanding of that!

Edit: I’m confused, your topic says, “Hiring Staff”, but

it says that? I’m really confused, are you hiring staffs or devs??


What’s the job, What’s the group? Can you give us more informations?

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Recruitment is so you can tell us what we have to do. Asking us to add you on discord accomplishes nothing.


A city… I am setting the discord up and every thing else currently.

What kind of city? Big? Small? Low/mid/high poly? Futuristic? Cartoonish? Modern? What would the rest of the positions apart from builder be doing? You’ll need to give some more information.

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A big city, going to be adding special stuff…

Hello! I can do 2d art if that’s up your alley

This is way too vague for a job position

I can be a GFX designer, Social#8980

Can you provide more description on what each role will be doing?

Can you elaborate on what “special stuff” entails?


There is nothing telling us what the project is.
You say a city well there could be many options to make one.
Adding you on discord is a waste of time to find out more.

To hire people for your game, just giving us “a city with special stuff” is only helping the builder. :confused:

What kind of GFX do you want? Thumbnail, logo?

How much scripting? Small or large scale? How many scripters are you hiring?

Animation designers, what animations specifically?

UI Designers, what UI aspects? Tweening?

Please provide more information about each role, including some more insight on the builder. Also, try to please set out a budget for each developer hired, instead of bringing it all together to “5-10k,” people would like to know what percentage of that money goes to who. People doing more work should get more money.

Hopefully this can help improve, and thanks for reading!


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