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Hidden Beyonds

About Us

Hey there! I’m the Lead Developer of Hidden Beyonds and I’m looking for a scripter to join our team, currently we already have an intro screen, a working game and a shop mostly working, ever since our scripter quit, we are looking for someone to finish the game and get our game released. I have investments and payment for advertisements and if this game goes south. This game contains randomly switching obbies that switch each round for the players to complete, obby they complete they get XP and some cash, you can use cash to buy in-game effects and changed.

The Team

You can see our progress so far here: Hidden Beyonds - Roblox


You will be paid 60% of all game earnings and group earnings, 20% will go to group.

Contact Us


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I would like to join the Team.
Also did you mean to say The Game because it says The Team but I don’t see any team or contact.
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