[OPEN] Hiring Star Wars Map Builder 600 USD (Negotiable)

About Us

Hey guys, we are a team of people in the Star Wars community looking to revolutionize the way genre groups are done, currently we are seeking a map builder for a one time payment to create the main game for our group, as well as to be our #1 choice for future projects and maps needed.

The Team

@PaIpatineReborn - Team Lead

@Azuc - Scripter

@RomanEmpireDev - Scripter

@Ronnsights - Scripter

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to construct the map of Vardos similar in design to the map of the same name from Battlefront 2. We are on a tight timeline to push a project out as we currently have a community waiting on something to be playable, so people able to really push themselves are a huge sell point for us.

Build Style

We are looking for a build style that stays true to the current style portrayed by the Battlefront 2 team as seen below:

Vardos has been recreated on Roblox before and below is an image showing how this builder interpreted and designed the map, we however would love to see you put your own style and twist on it to make it unique to us and yourself.


We are paying 600 USD for the completion and delivery of this project, price is negotiable if needed. Our preferred payment method is PayPal. We will offer a contract for you to sign that will guarantee payment for the assets you’ve created.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum @Azuc or via Discord at Emperor#2148

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Look forward to meeting our new team member!


I sent you a friend request on discord the name is BK

Not here to apply but I do have a reference you might want to check out: @M0XTz is a really good map builder and for the price mentioned I am more than sure he’s willing to aid your project.


I think i can do it! also i sent an fr on discord! knife#3229 i can model and build and my portofolio is here: [OPEN] skofall - Build/Graphics/3d modelling | Portofolio I can do many styles but but everything depends on time, and im fast at doing stuff!

I don’t recommend moving forward with this project. You don’t own the rights to use the Star Wars and can easily be taken down by Disney/Lucas Films if they decide to take action. This happened before with Pokemon Brick Bronze, which nearly got half a billion plays. If you continue, you risk your work being deleted with no way to repurpose it as well as being denied DevEx.


While you are correct, I have built and scripted for roblox groups for almost two years off and on; They seem to be aware of the presence on roblox, and are either happy or at least not against their existince. I wouldn’t assume it to be a particualy risky project for this reason although payback and longevity of these groups is another thing…

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This mentality isn’t a good one to have. Pokemon Brick Bronze existed for 3 years before it was taken down by Nintendo. While it is unlike for Disney to file a DMCA against Roblox considering how much Disney sponsors Roblox, attempting to make money off of someone else’s copyright work is illegal and Roblox will not show sympathy if Disney requires that it gets taken down. If you do get permission for Disney to create content based on Star Wars, it is no longer illegal and you should go for it.


I’ve just asked Nate if I can help I’ll contact you later Azuc.

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