[OPEN] IIMajorII -|- Lighting Specialist


I am IIMajorIl, a Canadian lighting specialist with six years of experience.

I specialize in primarily making high quality immersive lighting for roblox games in order to better suit a realistic environment!
I have also done CSG building since March of 2018.

My primary showcase is Autumn [V2] which accurately demonstrates my capability as a builder and lighting specialist

Autumn [V2] - Roblox

Screenshots of Work

Note: The images below this text are lighting commissions! Meaning that the modeling, effects, and anything other than lighting is NOT by me and is not in any way meant to be seen as my work.

I am available through 2 - 11 PM EST, however you can still contact me after or before those times (a reply may be sent out late.)

Prices are negotiable per commission.
Standard prices range from 900 - 2500 Robux.
Also, for first time commissioners a prepayment of 50% of the agreed upon price is required in order to start the commissions. This prepayment helps me avoid scammers (whom run away with the completed lighting commission.)

Please, only contact me on discord (kafija#5503) as other means of communication do not give me real-time notifications, meaning that my replies may be given late.
Do not fret about sending a friend request my way!

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