[OPEN] In need of a scripter for our Upcoming Zombie FPS Shooter Game

Our project consists of mid poly detailed guns ranging from different games like Black Ops 4, Apex and Destiny 2.

Here's what we have so far.


There’s more there’s about 9 gun models at the moment.

About Us

Hi there! We are Calypso Studios , a aspiring development team developing high quality games for the community to enjoy!

Here’s our group: NxStudios. - Roblox
8k+ Members

The Team
@GhostSmokey - Owner/Sponsor
@vv5ng - Co-Owner/Builder
@BolterSmokey - Main Scripter
@ThisCouldBeYou - Scripter
@wrennard - Animator
@ap_ek - Modeller

You can see our progress so far here: Dead's Calling: PVP Closed Testing - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for a Advanced Scripter to join our team you will be contributing to the team in a way of helping with small stuff that may need doing, as you will be doing small things you won’t have to work constantly but we won’t stand for a long abscene of no progress but other than that that’s about it.


5% - With no Upfront Payment
1k a week - Prices may vary depend on how much is done and complexity

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Interested in scripter, no discord, portfolio: [OPEN] Experienced scripter I also preferer 1k per week.

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This is pretty much nothing. A scripter would normally get at least 20% for a game. 5% is insultingly low.

Reason for it is as you won’t be doing much. Our Main scripter will do most of the game core.
And theres also a different option which is upfront payment.

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