[OPEN] Inspirre | Portfolio(Builder, UI Designer)


About Me

Hi there, my name is Inspirre. I am a Builder and a UI Designer. I’ve been building on the Roblox platform for a few years(3 years). I started as a UI Designer recently, and I’m improving slowly. I don’t script UI’s. (My past usernames are u_8Q, Inspirre, im_tool, WxterGun, oWxterfall.)


Photos of Small Builds

My Impressive Builds
UI Designs
Decent UI's



Simple UI's


I am available for about 1-3 hours a week during the week. I am able to work around 8 hours during weekends. Times can change depending on if I got homework. You can contact me anytime I usually respond pretty fast to my Dm’s on discord.


My prices are negotiable for a build, it doesn’t matter when I’m going to get paid. (Hourly, etc as long as I get paid for the product.) I only accept Robux for my payment method. (No Paypal).


Discord: Pixel#0005

Looking for a Builder [Up to 100k ROBUX]
[HIRING] Unleashed MMORPG (Professional Grade)
Recruiting Map Builder | Looking for experienced builder, up to 80K Robux pay

I think you forgot to embed the images of your builds into the “These are photos of my small builds” section.
Otherwise, your builds look very nice. Hope I see more of them in future!

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I can see the images in the new category; you might wanna combine the two.


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This is not the case, it’s the fact his images are in a list and not on a line by themselves. Here’s an image from his main thread:

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Build requests are closed, I’m currently working on a small game.
Hiring a scripter to help me out!


I’m now for hire(Build requests are open!)

Contact me through discord: Pixel#0005

P.S I fixed the images, in the “These are photos of my small builds” thank you! @cheeseganon



He is an amazing builder! I strongly reccomend hiring him as he is communitive and allows your creative ideas to be shown!


Requests are closed, bookmark my post to stay in touch whenever I’m open!


Looks nice, you’re definitely talented!
Keep this up :+1:t2:



I updated my portfolio, check it out! Build and UI requests are OPEN too! Here are what’s new/updated: