[OPEN] ItzIvy/theworldis_socruel, scripter, gfx artist, animation maker and lowpoly builder/modeler for hire!

About Me

Hi, I’m called Ivy, and I’m a multiple sided developer, I’m a decent scripter(specialised on gui work mainly, but also can do other scripting of course), a lowpoly modeler/builder and a top-tier gfx artist! For examples of past work, and payment info, read further below :slight_smile:.

Past work

Some scripting work examples

pinging system like in apex legends (the gui’s are visible for everyone in the team of the player)(also sorry you can hear my music on the background :confused: )

Drink and food bar system(I sped up the system so it would be fine for a video):

Custom Health bar:

GFX art examples

Animation examples

I didn’t do much animation yet, but here’s an example of what I can make:

Model examples

Here’s some simple model examples, I didn’t yet do advanced modeling, but hope to get into that soon!



I am available almost every day for a few hours, I can work less time in team create as normally I also work in my free hours at school, but can’t do team create there beacause of too bad internet connection. Other then that, I’m available 3-5 hours a day for working, and more then that to be contacted!
(Extra info: My timezone is gmt+1/+2)


Prices are always negotiable, but I usually don’t work for % unless I have full belief that the project will be succesful! I do accept % pays when there’s some payment upfront as well.
I can get paid both in robux and PayPal(preferrably Euro’s)


You can contact me here, but I don’t check on that often,
so preferraly dm me on discord: Itz Ivy#8654 or join my developer server and contact me through there: discord.gg/ngefaSk

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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