[Open] Lobby/Tournament Builder/Modeller (65k R$)

Hey there, I sent you a request could you check your Discord?
The Ancient One#2631

Would we make a whole new one or do we make some edits to the current one?

I’m interested, sent a request on discord.

I expect a entirely new one with similar (or better) style,

Because the game have different servers, for example, if you’re level 20,
Players will now be able to access a “Class B” server, unfortunately, the Class B is currently the very same look as the Class C from levels 0-20.

So it feels underwhelming as of now to progress into the pro servers, having a brand new site
would be more satisfying in the long term.

Here are the contents that are most likely have no need to be redone :
1v1 ring, 2v2 ring, Gym interactibles.

Interested, sent a request. GodIsntRealButShrekIs#7433

I am interested, my portfolio is

Hey I’m interested. Discord: bigpoppa#7546

Interested, i sent friend request on discord


I could build it but I don’t know if you want a beginner to build it. I say you let me try to build something for you. You don’t like it then you don’t got to pay me a single penny but you like it you give me a reasonable price for it? My discord is: DudeDontCommentOnThisDripBoy#8324

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I am interested. I can show you some of my past Builds on Discord Dms if you want.
My Discord is Robin.#4095.

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Sent a friend request. kirsa#2589

Hi I’m a builder here’s my discord:aguilarrover#0037

Interested DISCORD: FISHY#8882

Does the lobby has to be out of our own minds? like do we have to be creative on it? or you will tell us what to build? cause for some developers is frustrating to come up with something original.

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I sent you a friend request via discord Umpire#8048

Cant wait to get in contact!

References can be provided if your imagination isn’t exotic.
New lobbies will have some kind of “themes”, so being cliché won’t be a issue,
The main focus is really that it have to look decent with the least graphic memory useage possible.

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Alright thanks i am sending you a friend request i am Thesoul1234#0677


  • i didn’t find anyone with the set of 45k, the base offer is now 65k.
  • changes of plan, the Tournament is now a option to build first instead of a new lobby
  • user experienced and knowledge with optimizations and textures is preferable.
    (i mentions it again because this isn’t quite what i’ve received while the post was at 45k)
  • Deadline for one map should be 30 days.

Interested in our future business venture! Draggo#4047