[OPEN] Looking For A Skilled 3D Modeler/Blender Builder

About Us

Hello! My name is FaithDoesntLie or Mikhael for short. I lead a small team of contracted developers working on a unnamed fantasy-medieval themed RPG.

Our focus is on the natural path a player takes when experiencing our surreal environment. We wish to produce an intricate storyline that leads a player from start to finish within our woven atmosphere while bringing an homage to farming, teamplay, and personal interactions. Our backbone relies on hand produced dungeons (no random-generated content at all), delicate detail in 3d modeling, and the old-style aspects of an RPG. This means that trading, farming loot and currency, and progressing through the game rewards you by unlocking more content, more opportunities, and even more exploring to do.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional 3d modeler. To clarify, we are only looking for people who work with Blender. We are looking for 4 dungeon map rooms with select themes on all of them. This job requires using your own imagination in a lot of ways and with a lot of time pressure. We expect delivery in 2 weeks at most.
For reference the current themes are:

  1. A forest moat environment, reproducing a ‘jungle’ scene with trees coming out of the murky water while an eerie silence resonates throughout the map. The player walks through a path with the moat surrounding him from both sides.

  2. A scorched earth environment, possibly villages burned down with a focus on transitioning from the forest to a second city.

  3. An underground sewer persay, a secret unlockable dungeon under a city for our game.

  4. Last dungeon will be up to our imagination!


We are paying 125-150 USD per map. These maps are basically sizes of DUNGEON ROOMS and not be confused with actual MAPS.
Since we are paying quite a lot, we expect fast and efficient work with sufficient detail.
Regarding the comments below, the pay has been updated and I clarified the maps are not actual map sizes.

Contact Us

We require you to have a portfolio or examples of previous work
Please contact us on Discord: Truth#9536
It would really help if you had examples of RPG scenery or general map building with Blender
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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We are looking for a professional 3d modeler. To clarify, we are only looking for people who work with Blender.

Are you suggesting the entire thing is put together in blender? If so this makes little sense and would be quite inefficient for a roblox game.

We are paying 100 USD per map. These maps are expected to be quite detailed and not too big

I think you’ll struggle to find a “professional” 3d modeler.

We expect delivery in 2 weeks at most.

For all 4 maps? I think you need to reconsider your budget to match your expectations.


To clarify, we dont need the whole map made with Blender we expect almost every detail to be made in Blender. Somehow 3D modelers exist within ROBLOX who work with Studio only so that statement is clarification to them.

In terms of “professional”, we are offering almost 4x whatever is offered on Dev Forums. We do understand that this might be not enticing to high-end developers so we are very flexible on the price. Again, the map is mostly environment and therefore needs quite a few models but otherwise can be very repetitive (e.x. making a few tree models and just reproducing them). Obviously “professional” means different things to each person but maybe “advanced and efficient” is more accurate. If we were to calculate the rate I see most developers take: 10$/hour is usually fair. So, aprox 10 hours of work per map. We understand this isnt a full time job but if working 4 hours per day and excluding weekends this does add up to two weeks of work.

I don’t know any professional, skilled developers that will work for $10 an hour, converted to Canadian dollars, that is below minimum wage where I live. Personally I believe $15-$20 is much more reasonable. Better yet, do not break this down by the hour, and instead, just think of it as how much is a map worth to you. I’d say a hell of a lot more than $100 if it’s a big part of a player’s experience.

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Agreed, maps are invaluable to the player’s experience especially in an RPG. I’m personally making an RPG and I’m heavily invested in making the most immersive experience possible. If you really want a well-done map at a reasonable size for an RPG, look more in the range of high hundreds maybe even thousands.

I certainly do agree in many aspects with pay supplements and such (even though the US federal minimum wage is 7.25) but yet again you do need to take in account exactly what Im asking for. Im not asking for a city or a lobby, Im asking for basically pathways if you bring it down to the core. In my initial inquiry I clarified I dont need ‘maps’ as in big gameplay elements but rather dungeons (room). In one of my responses I also clarified that I expect a lot of repetitions in models placed throughout in these pathways. I value your feedback and do agree builders may want more which is why Im flexible on payment.

Hi guys! Unfortunately our last Builder had to leave us and in a crucial time. We are upping the price to 500 USD for the whole project or 125 per map!


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