[OPEN] Looking For Very Experienced Lowpoly builder/ Development Partner!

:smiley: Hello! My name is DYS_0N, I have made maps for Epic mini games! I am currently looking for very experienced Low-poly/ Cartoon Builders! :smiley:

I need a partner who will always be active, And who can Build in Extreme good lowpoly! If you want to apply to be my development partner:

You must be 13 years or older!
You must be experienced with lowpoly, or cartoon building!

Contact info:

Discord: DYS_0N#5656
Roblox: DYS_0N
Or just reply with pictures of your builds and ill see if I like them or not!

:smiley: Looking forward to working with you! Thanks! :smiley:

Reply Here, Or friend my discord! DYS_0N#5656, Goodluck!

What’s the payment I dont see one listed

Oops my bad, The payment is half of the games earnings. I will put robux into ads so the game gets visits, But depending on the visits around 20k when the game is finished.

It also depends on the work quality.

Do you have any backup payment in case it fails?

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Hey there! I’m a builder and 3d modeler here’s my portfolio!:slight_smile:
X1_xii portfolio

Hi, I am Plethoa, I would be perfect for this position, as I am very experienced with cartoony islands. I am proficient in Blender and can make anything you ask. My Roblox studio knowledge is excellent and I am able to make anything you need. If you like my work, and would like more info about me please contact me on the devforum or on discord at Plethoa#9971. Thanks!

I’m interested in what you’re trying to do, here’s my portfolio

I know I’m not particularly good but I’m cheap, and that’s something, isn’t it?

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