[Open] Making Insane Obby: Hiring Builders and Scripters! [4K Robux A month]

Before applying join the group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/846914/Roblox-Glactice#!/about

The payout will be through group.

Hiring Builders, Scripters and Moderators.

  • [Open] scripters @you
  • [Open] builders @you

JOIN GROUP: https://www.roblox.com/groups/846914/Group

Once applied role will be changed in group.

Obby Type: Insane

Reply to this forum If you are interested in making the obby.

Contact my discord: Nutcas3#9210

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Mru4cSV


May I ask what are you paying through? Group funds?

I am very interested, my discord is = Nicolas DEV # 4794

Hello! I am very interested in being a Builder for this Obby! I have sent you a friend request on Discord please accept whenever you can so we can talk more! Interesting and Fascinating#2548

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I would love to apply, since I also make obbies myself. Unfortunately I can’t show any pics of them because I’m on my mobile right now, but when I get on my PC I’ll make sure to send you some images of the obby I created. I would love to be the developer of the game since im a builder, I can also script but its up to you of you accept me in this build.

Contact Discord : Azxcite#0770
I’m free mostly all the time ao you can mssg me anytime you want. Thank you!!

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Sent FT by name of Enthusiast.

I sent you a request on Discord and also joined the Roblox group. Hope you accept my friend request and allow me to build with you and your team.

Wouldn’t trust this dude, he just took someones WHOLE portfolio.






I am very interested in building for you - I am a builder with a massive amount of experience in insanely hard (and impossible) obbies, similar to those in JToH, but also more mainstream obbies. The first link is the game with the insanely hard obbies (note I stopped updating it several months ago, thus some scripts may be broken now). If you want examples of more average obby builds, I can provide some of those, too.


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