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Hi! I’m Official_Studios! I have been developing on Roblox for about a year and a half, UI designing for about 6 months, and learning scripting on the side for the entire time. I am finally ready to offer my services as a UI designer, and a scripter! I run my own studio, Mega Watt Studios It is owned by my alternate/playing account. I co-own Seabreeze Restaurant, so if you need a manager, I can help. I also have a website if you would like to view everything!

UI Work
Plain UI's

A Sci-Fi Leaderboard

A Sci-Fi Stats Displayer
Cartoon Stats
A Cartoon Stats Displayer
Main Logo 1x
An old Logo

Animated/Scripted UI's

Scripting Work

More videos coming soon! Want to see if I can do something? Reply to this post! I am open to challenges! (although I will not give out the source code without payment.)


Non Animated

Photoshop Concepts


Animated GFX


3-D Modeling

Please Note: Base Model was open source, although I did add many shapes, textures, and parts.

Factory I turned into a Run-Down Factory.

More Coming Soon!


Simple snow effect.

More Coming Soon!

Video Editing

An amazing intro

Another Intro
Check out my channel for all videos!

I am available for at least 30 minutes during the weekdays and for at least an hour on weekends.
If a longer time is required per day, something may be worked out.

UI Prices
Please Note: I am not great at prices, so if these are way too high, or way too low, please feel free to let me know.
Single Menu - :robux_gold: 3,000
Stats Displayer - :robux_gold: 300
Single Icon(Coin icon, gems icon, etc.) - :robux_gold: 50
Scripting Prices
UI Menu - :robux_gold: 500
Leaderstats System - :robux_gold: 1000
Other - :robux_gold: 50 - 5000
Modeling Prices
Anywhere from 500 up. 500 would be a few cool shape-ish things.
Teaching Prices
Typically I start at $10, but depending on the skill it takes, prices can go higher.

PayPal is my preferred payment method (so the USD equivalent of Robux prices), but I understand that Robux is other people’s preferred payment method, so I have listed prices as Robux.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, or on Discord @ඞHendricoMaximus#3696

I hold the right to refuse service to anyone.
I can put my work on my portfolio, but I will credit your game.
Please have a detailed knowledge of what you need beforehand. It will make things quicker and easier for both of us.

Well, that’s it! If you have any questions, reply or DM me, Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! :slight_smile:


I can’t find your discord as there wasn’t a 4 digit tag. Can you add me cgmaf7#5629

Hi everyone! I want to thank you all who have viewed my portfolio! I have a special announcement: I am a scripter now as well! I also have a website for anyone who wants to check it out!

Just received a product from this developer and it was exactly what I needed! For UI scripting and design, I recommend them wholeheartedly. They worked quickly, efficiently, and made sure everything was fit to what I needed while also keeping the prices low. Again- highly recommend them and would 100% hire again.

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Thank you for the kind words! I really enjoyed working for you! I 10/10 recommend him as well!

we need a magic vfx designer who takes % of profits u in??

Hello there! Sorry for that delay! I did not see your notification! I’m still a little new to VFX. Can you DM me the sort of VFX you’ll need?

Your discord tag doesnt work, so I’m asking you here.

My team is looking for a long term scripter to help us with our game.

Our payment is 25% of all of our game’s revenue.

*note that this is not one job, but you will need to script our whole game. This will include weapons, menus, shops, the economy, etc.

if you want to join our discord server here u go: uTcgt65235

Signed up for a job, that was listed publicly.

Said that he can do a spritesheet animation.

Delivered a spritesheet that had each frame different size, with non-consistent spacing, an object not even rotating around it’s axis but lazily eyeballed wobbling with each frame.

Cancelled last second cause he didn’t know how to script spritesheets.

Wasted a week of my time, can’t do an intro now cause he cancelled 2 days before game release.

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This is misleading to anyone who doesn’t know the story. We had a misunderstanding when I was scripting a tween, so I ended up doing frames instead. Then we miscommunicated with the frames and I started over. I sent him multiple editions, in which he said nothing about anything listed in the post above. I thought that I was giving him a sprite sheet, so when I didn’t know how to script one, I sent every file I had and didn’t ask for payment. He then choose that opportunity to complain about certifying and write this review.

In summary, the commissioned delivered a broken spriteheet with literally no purpose because I would need to redo it frame by frame.

I had assumed he would google what a spritehseet is, but he just randomly pasted his frames on a comically large file (8k x 11k pixels) .

The tweening attempt with the UI wasn’t even scaled, it was done in offset.

2/10 don’t recommend the guy unless he actually starts taking it seriously.

Also it’s funny how you wanted me to point out that your spritesheet will be wrong based on this:

(Obviously, I thought that since you’re doing it in a straight line right now you are going to position it correctly on a spreadsheet later. Especially when you said “It also hasn’t been lined up for a spreadsheet yet”, lad.)

Yup, that’s me, the comedian. No. I sent a large file so to prevent bad scaling in Roblox.

I said this before our second miscommunication. If you look, all of these frames are different than the final product I sent. (I will DM it to anyone who wants it).
Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 5.52.01 PM

I was sure to specify that that was the spreadsheet. You, again, did not say anything. That’s why I thought it would be okay to send you the un-watermarked version. I did all the heavy lifting and then you just had to script it or connect it to a module.
Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 5.55.01 PM

I sent him the file, in which case he complained about a non-existent problem.

Code measurements here
local RevloStart = {

Size =, 139, 0, 162)


local ThinkBigStart = {

Size =, 0, 0.3, 0)


local RevloEnd = {

Size =, 16, 0, 287)


local ThinkBigEnd = {

Size =, 0, 0.3, 0)


local RoRevEnd = {

Position =, 0, 0.327, 0);

Rotation = 180


local RoThinkEnd = {

Position =, 0, 0.327, 0);

Rotation = 0


And, of course, the UI wasn’t scaled. I was working out the script first and then scaling it for exporting. It wasn’t a finished product as I changed it to work on a sprite sheet.

As much as I appreciate you bumping my post for people who can communicate one specific idea, please do not continue this argument. I am perfectly willing to send anyone who is still confused a complete run-down of the situation and more proof to back me up.

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