Hello, I am the German translator for Hotel Hydra, and I’ve been asked to make a DevForum post, regarding the group, since we are hiring a new team member.

About the Job

Our team is looking for a professional builder to lead the W.A.D (World Art Designer) team. We only expect the best from you.


You MUST show any past work that you have done ( realistic preferably ). Our team is struggling with the building aspect of our team. We need someone to create a realistic hotel exterior/interior/ Outdoor area’s You must have five (5) Assets done per week. if you however fail to meet expectations we will take further precautions.

If you have any type of Academic resources holding your work here at Hotel Hydra please message the CEO or an SMC (Social Media Coordinator). Communication skills is a major priority for our team.

About Us!

We are currently a team of 24 Developers who are looking for a 25th one. Our current lead WAD is currently in an critical health state dealing with COVID -19. Our team may seem too much for a simple hotel, but the hotel is definitely not simple. We have been planning this out for over 1 year.

Our team

  • 1 Voice Actor ( An actor in the hit movie “Wonder Woman” 2017 )

  • 3 World Art Designers ( All World Art Designers are “Side Developers” who import assets
    through another person

  • 3 Translators

  • 3 Engineering Development Team members

  • 5 Modelers

  • 1 UI Designers

  • 2 Graphical Effects Person

( and a few other developers we have not listed. )


The payment will be $100.00 USD after the hotel is officially finished. ROBUX will not be offered.


You must be 13 years of age or older to apply. …

Contact Information

CEO#6507 ( Chief Executive Officer )

My own discord: CrashFacts#8005

Thank you for reading!

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Hi @ValkyrieHuskyy, when you say you require five assets per week, how do you define an asset?

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I am very interested, this is my portfolio, my discord is in my portfolio, an image and private with you

private photo for some reasons

To bad im not skilled enough. Anyways, good luck! :smile:

Hello there @BarbariousBean,

I was just informed by the CEO, that one asset would be generally one model.

For example, one hotel room has many assets inside, such as:

  • A bed
  • Tables, chairs perhaps
  • A TV
  • A shower
  • A sink, etc.

I guess you can say he generally means each model you do for the hotel, is one asset.

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This looks like it could be Interesting.
Discord: slurp#6662
Sending you a request on discord right now.

Hi there, just so you don’t get too confused. The discord provided, is the one from the owner of the hotel himself. I’ll be redirecting things said in this post to him as well, as I’ll be watching it.


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Hi CrashFacts,

My name is CalvinWindsor and I am a realistically-inclined builder here on ROBLOX. I have been developing for almost four and a half years now, and am quite intrigued and interested with your company or group of people. I have worked for realistic theatrical communities which force people to make things like rooftop carvings, chandeliers, and full-wide theaters in which include, NETworks Theatricals, Ambassador Theatre Group, and Network Ten.

I have sent you a request to be your friend on Discord, so that we could hopefully talk more about this. I hope to speak to you soon. My discord is listed below.



  • CalvinWindsor

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