[Open] ResU Cafe (builder, scripter, modeler needed)

ResU Cafe

About Us

Hi there! We are ResU Cafe. We are a small Cafe group looking to expand. Not really much to say here. But along with that, we are a friendly group who cares for all of their staff.

The Team
@ResU_Pool - Owner
@MysteriouslyMythical - Administration
@ResUxJordan - Co-Founder

About The Job

We are looking for three different types of developers. Scripter, builder, and modeler.


As a scripter, you will be scripting GUI, food that the modeler makes, in-game teleportations, interview doors, and a few extra things we may think of when you contact us.


As a modeller, we are seeking some advanced models built. We are expecting tables, food and tablets. Once contacted, if we have anything extra, we will let you know.


Aha! As a builder you have one of the most important jobs, you will be responsible for building the Cafe. We want a detailed building made, maybe a few counters. You will work with the modeler and communicate what types of models you think would look good. Along with that, we do have a few blueprints we would like to be followed. We will send them once contacted.

Of course, we do not expect you to do this all by yourself, and we will be supervising, and making suggestions along the way,


We are paying 100 USD to each of the three different types of developers. Paypal is our preferred method of payment, but we are flexible on payment.

Contact Us

You can contact me on the developer forum
Or preferably via Discord. Our link is https://discord.gg/U36PG7q . Once in, make a ticket in the channel called #support and click on Development team interest.

Once in, send your portfolio right away!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello i have sent you a friend request on discord, i am AtomicNuke#0677

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Hello! I am a scripter and I have sent you a friend request on Discord.


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I’m a scripter and I am interested in this. I added you on Discord. Rezault#5867

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I am interested here is my portfolio:

Greetings, I’m a scripter and I’m interested in this Job!
Please, DM me via the Discord!

I’m a scripter, please contact me:

I am a Builder and I am interested in this job, but I can only accept in Robux. I contacted you on Discord, I am xJxck_yy#7636

Interested in builder, and have built a cafe before. Contacted you on discord, my username is laughingeevees#8659.

Hello. I am a Modeler/Builder. I would like more information on the build I will be working on. Accept my Friend Request so I can contact. I do not post it here so others know my information. Thank you for the offer.

Added you on discord Toaster#9447

Do you pay in Robux?(30 Chars)

Interested I added u on discord

I’m an advanced scripter and would like to script for you. I have added you on discord and can provide with examples.

I have sent a friends request on Discord from zack.#4717, I am interested!

I am interested. I have a lot of experience with building cafes. I’ll attach a link to my portfolio below. There are no cafe examples there, but I can show you in DMs. I’ve added you on Discord @xM_ani#6701

I am sure we can figure something out.

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