[OPEN] River Park Middle School: Programmer, Architect & Graphics Hiring

Greetings, and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this hiring post regarding River Park Middle School. River Park Middle School is a school on the ROBLOX platform educating 4,000+ students with a highly advanced staff team, managing 5:30 - 7 PM EST. We strive to educate our students using advanced learning materials, similar to a real-life education system. We see growth and potential each of our students here at River Park Middle School, and we see growth in you.

Hiring Information:
We are currently hiring the following positions to join our Head Development Team and instruct all development.

  • Head Graphics Designer
    ; Directs all graphic concerns and group graphic designers. Ensures all graphic projects run smoothly and innovates design for River Park Middle School, coming up with excelled themes and ideas for our future graphics.
    ; Designs most of the graphics alongside our other designers who will design graphics. Please be aware as the Head Graphics Designer you will be designing most graphics and main graphics, although our designers will also assist in designing graphics, but are not full-time.

  • Head Architect
    ; Handles all architectural concerns, manages all building and ensures that all building runs smoothly alongside our other architects. You will conduct all projects ensuring they match the given theme and style to ensure our group is at highest potential.
    ; You will build mainly for the group alongside our part-time designers, although given most tasks.

  • Head Programmer
    ; Ensures all programming runs smoothly and is done well. Comes up with new creative ideas for our programming systems, and handles major programming issues which may include a major backdoor or exploiting program etc; and is responsible for scripting our main interface in each new version we are to get.
    ; Works alongside our other designers who are responsible to handle minor concerns which may include a glitch or break in a script. Leads all of them into ensuring a creative and innovative future.


For each task, you will be paid a reasonable amount that will be discussed. I prefer to go by your general prices in which you generally charge your clients with. I am able to pay around $5 - $25 for small tasks, and $50 - $100 for a large task which may include building or scripting a large new version.

Thanks for reading! If you are interested, please leave a reply on this document, otherwise contact one me at one of my socials:

$j :see_no_evil:#0002
Principal & Founder
River Park Middle School


Missing the payment information :slight_smile:

adding now, my bad. i missed a lot.

Your discord tag when copied and pasted makes it into the emoji name.
Add me instead, samtheman#7181

hey! I can work at both Studio and Blender. Add me on discord? nacho#8798

i’ve added you on discord. you should have received it.


I’m interested in being the Head Graphics Designer and Head Architect.
Please add me in Discord!

Discord: Mr. Meow#4193

Hey! I am interested in the head graphics designer job! I can’t friend you in discord because when I copy and paste it, the emoji is just text on discord! hoping to hear from you! shoot me a friend request on discord Knify#3938

Interested in the programmer position!

Discord: xpertsm#8655

Hello! I’m Em, a ROBLOX graphics designer, and I am 100% interested in this position. I am 15 years old, turning 16 in January, and have over 4 years of experience. Here are some big achievements I have done:

  • Obby King Remastered
    -Little Dreamies Daycare
    -Rainbow Reef Ice Cream
    -and a few more!

I hope you are interested, and if you are, here is my portfolio.

Discord: emm#1546

Username: QueenOfStyIe

I have reviewed your work and am extremely interested in your proposal, although sadly we currently have a Head Graphics Designer, but we would be highly interested in hiring you as a graphics designer.

Interested in the head architect position. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800 if you wish to contact me there. Here is my portfolio.

We are still searching for a Head Architect

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