[OPEN] Scripter - FPS / Parkour - Experienced

Red Bear Interactive [RBI]

Hiring Long-term Advanced Scripter

Hello there! I am Ser Nerd, (@MoriartyWatson). I am the Director and Lead Modeller for Project: IMPERIUM (Title Temporary), a project revolving around the core aspects of EA’s “Titanfall” Franchise. Most noteably, we shall be taking inspiration from their Titan and Parkour system and translating them onto ROBLOX.

About the Role

As a Scripter with our Studio, you will hold the necessary authority over the development team to ensure assets are done within appropriate time so that you may implement them into the game. You will be entrusted with implementing assets created from our team, whilst creating the game mechanics required for the game to function. These will include the Titans and multiple weapons, Ordinance, and AI required.

You must also be able to “Maintain” code, fixing bugs and optimisation while working effeciently to quotas assigned by myself.


  • 2+ Years LUA Experience
  • Experience coding FPS titles / systems
  • 15+ Years Old
  • Clear Communication skills


  • Knowledge of Titanfall 2
  • Sci-Fi nut
  • Clear, readable portfolio


Payment is always a fickle subject. As a Scripter, you will obviously be privy to financial gain other developers may not receive. We can dicuss further privately.

If you want a number;

  • 40kR$
  • 40% of “Developer Percentage”.

Contact Info

Feel free to message myself either here, the Dev forum, or my DMs on Discord;
@Ser Nerd the Third#7210 or Discord


Hello I am intressed your discord name isint working please freind me : HarryMcFlury#8910

Hey, I’m FriendlyBuilder24 a 3 years experienced scripter and I want to help you with this project. I would like to become the scripter my portfolio is this and my YouTube channel is this


Contact me through roblox or discord, I would recommend discord because I’m always online. My discord is FriendlyBuilder24#9768 hope I’m accepted if not I understand, thank you for your time!

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