Open Source Ragdoll Module (Sean's Ragdoll V 1.0)

Ragdoll Module V 1.0 is out.

(Don’t mind the formatting currently, this was originally meant for Discord, I will add some more to this later).

This module was originally going to cost a couple USD, although I have decided to just put it open source since I am not doing much scripting anymore, pretty much lost all encouragement and energy to open up a script anymore, a lot of recent Roblox updates, starting with the 2 week payouts really changed everything (most people only ever would pay me in Robux, instead of USD!!). So enjoy, leave feedback or report bugs and I will try to fix it. All of the other ragdoll modules that were open source don’t seem to work properly anymore.

The first public version of our module is out, enabling an easy ragdolling system, along with the ability to unragdoll.

Read more to see features, and the presentation test videos.

Unragdolling (reconstruction of joints)
Works for both R6 and R15
Support for custom rigs (read bugs and patches for more information)
Easy Implementation
Basic support to add the module to your game if needed

Ragdoll Module V 1.0 Presentation Test Video BASIC - YouTube - Basic Quick r15 test
Ragdoll Module V 1.0 Presentation Test Video BASIC #2 - R6 - YouTube - Basic Quick r6 test
Ragdoll Module V 1.0 Presentation Test Video Basic #3 - Custom Rigged Characters - YouTube - Basic Quick Custom Rig test

SeansRagdollModule V1.0 Public Release.rbxm (5.7 KB)

QUICK START: Ragdoll Module V 1.0 Quick Setup Guide - YouTube
The sample script included alongside the module in ServerScriptService should give a good idea on how to use it, I will include a more in depth guide at a later time if people actually use this thing.

KNOWN BUGS (Read Patches to verify integrity):

UNPATCHED: 11/24/2022 - Custom Rig Issues - Custom Rigs must have a specified “Head” in their model, or else the module will error after it has ragdolled the character.

PATCHING (IN PROGRESS): 12/16/2022 - R6 Rig Issues - R6 Rigs, may exhibit twitching of the head while it is ragdolled.

Find any bugs? Leave a comment.


12/02/2022 - R15 Head Twitching - R15 Rigs would have their head twitch VERY violently.

10/17/2022 - R6 Rebuilding Error - Module would error to find certain motor 6ds in r6 rigs.

8/13/2022 - Decapitation - Characters would be decapitated upon ragdolling.

2/09/2022 - Flight - Characters would “fly away” upon ragdolling.

12/28/2021 - Fling - Characters would be “flinged” upon ragdolling.