Open-Source Simple Nametag system, powered by Roact

Open-Source Nametag powered by Roact! :tada:

I’ve open-sourced a custom alternative to Roblox’s current nametag system. The current system is dated and ugly, and with the release of Display Names, it’s hard to prevent impersonation, as multiple users can have the same name that shows above their character. This shows a users’ display name, and under that, a smaller username.

You can find the GitHub repo here:


Here’s a video showing how it works:

I’ve also made a little test place so you can try yourself:


This project is open-source under the MIT license! Feel free to send me PRs and I’ll take a look at them, but I cannot promise I’ll always support this project.


I have set up a discord server where you can check out my new projects along with announcements for open-source projects that I have created. (#newsletter). Feel free to join it to support me!

Thanks, and if you have any other suggestions let me know!


This is really cool, thank you very very much for open sourcing it!


There’s no point in putting in a custom license if you upload the asset as a Roblox game or asset.

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I didn’t make the game uncopylocked, which would give away my rights to have a license. Downloading a place file allows me to use any license I would like.


Eh… it doesn’t look much different from what anyone could do without Roact, at least I don’t see anything.
Does it change anything from it using roact…?

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This looks great and I would absolutely prefer to use this to the default.

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It’s easier to add things and make changes; I hate working with the default UI editor anyways, roact makes it much easier to work with.

It isn’t aligned properly with my head

Hmm… that’s interesting. I’ll look into it! Never seen that before. Possibly related to your character.

Mind opening an issue on GitHub?

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Alright, I opened an issue on GitHub

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Is it possible to give an effect to the name tags? An example being a recurring rainbow color effect on the players name tag.