[Open] TARRAGON is looking for Developers!

Good evening everyone. I´m Tam , Lead Developer for OakBrush Arts.
I have worked in the Indie Game Industry before committing my time to Roblox.
Oakbrush is looking for experienced people who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new Project, TARRAGON!

As of right now , we´re looking for Programmers , Map Artists and Animators

TARRAGON is planned to be a RPG Exploration & Creature Collection game.
Set in the land of Zariael , you are tasked with exploring the wilderness in order to discover and obtain a variety of creatures

The OakBrush Team
@TamBrush Lead Developer
@nonamedbunny - Community Manager
@0Blue-Stars0 - Lead Artist
@YourName - Lead Programmer
@YourName - Map Builder
@OwlAntlers - UI Artist
@YourName - Animator
@Cobaltpixie - 2D Artist
@XxPeafowlxX - 2D Artist
@Stood_04 - 2D Artist
@ariadnasandra - 3D Artist
@Sammamantha - 3D Artist

About The Job

We are looking for a bunch of experienced people to join and fill the remaining positions in our Team.
Future Developers are required to:
-Maintain a friendly-non hostile attitude at all times both in general and in - and outside the public Discord
-Average Communication skills
-Experience with Roblox in general
-Experience in their chosen field of work


Here you can find a bunch of Assets we created for the Game so far.

Berry Items

God-Worshipping Statue

Hydra model named “Tricabris”



We´re offering % and Paypal $ for all kind of Assets made for OakBrush Arts.

Contact Us

For Contact and any Questions you can message me here on the Developer Forum
or on Discord : Tam#9960
or on Twitter https://twitter.com/BrushTam
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I would like to apply for map builder. I have worked on loads of other projects before for building and with more information on what you need i could make a great map for your game.

Mostly but not limited to: Landscapes & small villages

Hey there! I am interested!
If you have not gotten an animator already contact me on Discord:

It seems that discord does not find your username! :confused:

yeah woops.
Changed my name to CondensationDeveloper

Sorry about that

Do you need a Music Composer? If so, I will be contacting you.

Hello! I contacted you at your discord!

I’m interested. Please DM me on discord, I sent a friend request.

Hit me up, interested. (Open) Baitem-Building portfolio

This looks interesting. How much do you plan on paying each Dev role in percentage if they were to choose only percentage?

Also, how much funding have you got for this project?


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