[OPEN] Zacchary21 | 5+ Years Music Composer

Currently open

About Me

Hey, I’m Zacchary21 and I’ve been composing for over 5 years now. I specialize in mostly electronic music but I’m well versed in other genres such as orchestral, horror, and lofi as well. I use FL Studio


You can view some of my tracks here: Soundcloud | YouTube
Keep in mind I don’t always update these with my recent projects.


Work in progress of a funk track:

Collab with a friend:

Work in progress of a halloween boss track:

Work in progress of an boss theme:

Work in progress of a future bass track:

Glitch-trap kinda:

Groovy track:


I’m usually available to work on tracks for at least 2 hours a day, most days.
I also am available to both short term AND long term projects.


Short-Term Project Prices:

  • 6.5k :robux_light: / 1 minute
  • 12k :robux_light: / 2 minutes +

Long-Term Project Prices: (4+ tracks only)

  • 5.5k :robux_gold: : / 1 minute

Terms of Services

I. Payment

updated December 29, 2020

As of the updated date:

a.) Payment will be received after you receive the first draft of your track, in full amount.

b.) I only accept group funds, not badges, clothing, or other forms of payment.

c.) I only accept Robux. In the future I’ll accept USD.

d.) There will be no changing the payment amount halfway through a commission unless agreed upon by both parties.

II. Content

updated December 29, 2020

As of the updated date:

a.) You will have unlimited revisions until entire commission has been complete.

b.) You can not redistribute my work to other people outside of the specific commission’s scope.

c.) Monetization is allowed after the commission is complete.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord: SubjectLoser#4683



Hello good sir. I’ve watched your YouTube for a bit, and I found your songs really well made. I do belive that your portfolio shows every single information needed. About me, Showcasing, Contact methods, prices, etc. Maybe you could make your terms of service so people would know what are the terms(I think the name is pretty self explanatory) I hope you get clients soon and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

PS: You should find a way to put your YouTube songs onto spotify. I want to listen to them while doing something. I really like Boss fight :slight_smile:

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Great music produced from working with, even though I had very little ideas on how the music should sound.
Great music composer, creates good outcomes and is very friendly and great to work with.
Would recommend him to others!
Keep up the good work bro.

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