[OPEN][$400 USD] Gummy Games is Hiring a Builder/Modeler

:wave: Hello! We are Gummy Games, a new studio on ROBLOX with a team of veteran Roblox developers.
:building_construction: If you’re skilled in 3D modeling and building, and have a passion for what you do, join us!


:construction_worker_man: Strong experience in roblox building.
:hammer_and_wrench: Ability to model and UV map high-quality assets for use in an optimized game environment
:alarm_clock: Strong communication and time management skills.
:iphone: Ability to ensure all models are high quality, fit within the desired art style, and have an acceptable level of performance across PC, Mobile, and Console platforms.


We are developing a revolutionary obstacle course game never before seen on ROBLOX.
You will be given a document with details on what you need to build and design. Examples of worlds that need to be built are a candy-themed world.


:moneybag: The total budget for the building of the entire game is 400$ USD
:dollar: All prices listed are in USD and will be paid out via PayPal.


If you’re interested and think you meet the requirements, email jobs@gummygames.net
or apply at http://builder.gummygames.net/

Since this is the entire game budget, will this be spilt if more devs are hired? Also will any of this be going toward Ads?

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400$ is the budget just for the builder. we have more funds reserved for other roles

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Ok, Thanks for the response and post edit.

I have applied. Hope you look into it :slight_smile:

I also applied hoe you look into it as well :smiley:

Hi, I’ve applied! This looks very interesting.

Highly interested.

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