OpenCloud Ordered DataStores [Public Beta]

Hey serverless, we’ve gotten a fair amount of feedback asking for Groups in Open Cloud. I can’t make any promises regarding timeline, but it’s definitely on our radar! Thanks for calling it out.

Thanks, I shared this with the docs team, along with a suggestion that we add some automated spell-checking to our docs CI pipeline. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback - I agree that API consistency is important and that this inconsistency is pretty awkward. We are actually investing a lot in improving API consistency, but that’s going to come with some short term growing pains. Please bear with us on this.

Just to give you an example: datastores/v1 - which predates some of our recent focus on consistency - isn’t really consistent with “Data Stores” having a two-word product name, e.g. in the docs. So for Ordered Data Stores, we either had to keep going with that inconsistency (ordered-datastores/v1) or try to fix the problem going forward (which is what we did, with ordered-data-stores/v1). And of course, if we do a v2 of the Data Stores API we’ll face a similar choice. This is somewhat inevitable; if we want things to be consistent and we have an inconsistent status quo (e.g. “Data Stores” and “datastores/v1”) then we’re going to have to break from something in order to build a good foundation.

I’ve seen feedback elsewhere that Roblox focuses a lot on taking the long view at the expense of the short term, and it’s valid, but an initiative like Open Cloud is really a long view kind of project…which means that we will probably choose to make tradeoffs like this in the short term. Hopefully you’ll eventually agree it was worth it.


Is there a way to list the available Ordered Data Stores like there is for standard Data Stores?

I tried the delete endpoint, which, according to the documentation should return the status code 204 when successful. However, it looks like I get the status code 200.

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Got this too, i just make sure it checks for both to confirm that it deleted the data.

Yes this is on our radar, but unfortunately there is no timeline I could share at this moment.

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