[OPENED] Hiring all developers for a project

Amenities, all. My name is Devin, known as crazyszns, and I am a scripter looking for:

(0/1) Scripter
(2/2) Builder closed
(0/1) SFX artist
(0/1) Modeler
(0/1) UI designer
(1/1) GFX artist

I have come to the conclusion that making a development group to create fun, interactive, games for all-platform users to play!

I am currently in need of a development team to help make this come alive! We are currently in the process of creating a game.

About the game
The game will be like Survivor, the show. We believe that making a Survivor game with better benefits, more cosmetics, and more improvements will increase player activity.

I will not be going into detail for confidential reasons. The game will require 5 players in the game for it to begin. Once started, they will be teleported to a lobby and prompted to have a name. They will be placed into scenarios, teams or not, like the show.

Our team
@crazyszns - Project manager
@j3rrz - Assistant
@ziesta - Assistant
@Jacobinns - Builder
@Speous - Builder

Our method of payment will be group percentage. Depending on how many members we have on our team, you will be receiving a percentage. It will be split differently between the other developers.

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/crazyszns
You must be 13 years or older to apply.


Hello, I am interested in establishing myself as a constructor, I have a lot of experience in it and something in UI, I do not have twitter, but I have disk: Toxic_Liderasm#4622

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Hello, I am Interested in your builders role, But would be communicate on Discord? Also how much progress do you have in the game? What is everyone’s %? and finally, How much are you willing to invest in this game? ps: My discord is 123goodman12#4509

I am the builder of the forum, ask questions, I am almost connected on disc all day, the idea of ​​the game I understand a little that they are looking for, my payment is minimal, I am willing to invest a lot in the projects in which I participate.
I would appreciate if you add me to disc, it does not leave me: Toxic_Liderasm#4622

Hi there! I’m very interested for the builder position and would like to apply for it!

Here’s my discord: Ears#4858

% will depend on how much that section of development does. I will promise you it will be >= 10%.

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Your tag will not work. Add me @devin :revolving_hearts:#6791.

Hi, i am interested about joining you’re team as a scripter.
My Discord: ItsChoco#0902
Thank you,

Hello, im really interested in the builder role, Stranded Ocean#4377

I don’t think the team should have 10 people if all the pay is from percentage, it’s not a safe choice.

Having 10 angry developers shouldn’t be something that happens, it’s better to have a guaranteed budget first.

I’d be interested to join as a modeler, my discord is; Wubbertoe#5031.

Greetings. I’m iFlarey, or known as HiddenSavageYT on this Roblox Platform. I’d like to offer my services as a builder.
Here’s my portfolio: HiddenSavageYT | Animator | Artist / GFX | Builder | Translator | Portfolio
My Discord user is: iFlarey#5401

Hey! If you’re still hiring for GFX, my Discord is Maestrius#6181.

Hey, i’m intrested in 3D modeler but i’d rather have payment security (like pay per model or a guaranteed salary per month)

Check out my work if the above doesn’t bother you too much : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeller | Red1Monster

I could do that for a modeler, yes! I will check your portfolio eventually.

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