Opening menu ingame forces VehicleSeat to throttle in reverse permanently

There seems to be a new bug with the pause menu in ROBLOX where pressing pause forces the vehicles in my game to be stuck in reverse

This happens every single time I press pause, respawning my vehicle doesn’t fix it so I have to rejoin in order to drive this vehicle.

The bug happens on my game which I’m just about to release. The reason I’m reporting this as a roblox bug rather than a scripting mistake, is that I haven’t touched the scripts for this vehicle for multiple months.

This happens in both client and studio now and happens on both of my PC’s, both running Windows 10 1903

How to reproduce this bug
  1. Get in either one of known vehicles in linked place.
  2. Press the pause button ingame.
Repro place link

Roblox VehicleSeat Bug Reproduction Place - Roblox

Video of the bug occuring. Keep in mind, I am not pressing "S" at all during this video.

Bug started happening around 30-40 mins ago, I’m unaware of it happening on other games.

I hope this bug report was clear enough :smiley:

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