Opening new dev console freezes Roblox

When I open the Developer console/output in the Roblox player the entire game freezes. This does not happen in Studio when you press F9, only in the Player. I am unable to figure out why/how it’s freezing but it only happens when I press F9 after about a second.
This is a screenshot of the frozen game:

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I can’t reproduce this. Could you add more details? See this thread for the mandatory steps you need to answer for bug reports:

For example, can you link at least one place where this happens for you? Does this happen 100% of the time? If not 100% of the time, are there factors that make it more likely to occur? (i.e. how long the server has been running, how long you’ve been in-game, …)

It just happens every time I press F9 in game. That’s all I can gather and I have no idea why it’s happening. I wish I could give you a place link to test but the place I’m encountering it is currently closed and I’m not the one with permission to change it. I’ll asked my friend when he next comes online but it might be a while.

at first I thought it was caused by something throwing an error every frame but it continued to happen even when the error was fixed.

Here’s a gif of the problem: