Opinions on my first ui

What do u mean I should fixe the roundness
Should i make it more round or less round?

The “Shop” background should be more round on the edges to match the large background frame below. It looks a little sharp/pointy compared to it.

Well… there’s not much to say about this. In my opinion the colours are well matched to each other and the structure is very good.

Good job man :+1:

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@mfdubs and @tralalah do u want me to make u a game ui for free or no?


its all good, but thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

No that is alright, perhaps someone else here could use it more than me. Thank you anyways :wink:

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For your first UI, this is nice. I would suggest having images in there (eg. a backpack next to the “backpacks” text, a sword next to the “items” text, etc). It all depends on your end goal.


I was actually about to say this lol. those little extras make a world of difference

Ok thx, I’ll keep that in mind when making some in the future.

I think it’s just the plain UI structure without alle the backpack images etc.

The UI is way better than what I can do. I bet you used either Photoshop or Illustrator. Anyhow, looks great! :smile:

lol I used to say that to people who had better artwork/builds/ui’s but here I am making stuff like these and getting the same compliments I once gave them. I didnt use any adobe products in the making of my ui. In fact I was watching a youtube video on websites web developers should know about and one of them was the one I used to make the ui. Another thing is im using school Chromebook because I dont have my own pc and Chromebooks are essentially a Samsung phone with a keyboard and a mouse. So when I play roblox I’m playing the mobile version.

The thing is that cartoony UIs are very simple. And that’s no problem at all. You don’t always have to do really hard and complex stuff to get compliments :smiley:

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As it’s your first I applaud you for that it’s pretty good but you need to work on proportions the most right now all of the words like ‘backup’ are too far to the left and none of them are centered so that’s what I think you should work on for now.

I really like this. I like this a lot, it reminds me of those awesome cartoony games that you would play as a really young kid. This is awesome!!
How could you do that in three minutes and keep it so organized?!

I found this new website when I was watching a video on youtube about websites Web developers should know about. This website is basically adobe XD, illustrator and a little bit of photoshop. You can use it for a lot of stuff. The main purpose of the website is to make apps for phones and such.

Would u like me to make u a free ui?

I’m really interested in the ui but, i’m on a budget for my game and a lot of the funds are going to the builder. my discord is GiantNateDaGreat#9717 feel free to contact me!

Definitely center the text as others are saying. Also, make sure the text of ‘Backpacks’ matches the same sized font as the other text. I’d also make sure the title of it is bigger.

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my ui has gotten better
here is my portfolio