Optimize game question

Hello there, im new to D.F. so i dont think i chooed correct category, anyways, i was wondering how to optimize game. (less lag, more fps of course, and ping if possible)
I dont know anything about optimization to yeah, i need small help about it.

Enabling the StreamingEnabled property which can be found under the properties of “workspace” is a good place to start.

It really depends on what how your game is built.

  • Does your game run unoptimized scripts?
  • Memory leaks?
  • Do you have too many parts?

There are many, many ways to optimize your game and not all of them are immediately apparent. Roblox does provide an article about game optimization, although I’m not sure how useful it will be to you. There is also a community resource that I find much more helpful, as it covers a much more broad area and provides a lot of info.

Since this post is in the #help-and-feedback:scripting-support category, I would just make sure you are disconnecting events when you need to and using part pooling instead of creating and destroying parts really fast.

There are other performance optimizations you can do of course, but they depend on how you set up your system. Disconnecting events and using part pooling are some of the more general optimizations.

I think it run some unoptimized, also got many while wait() do stuff ;
uhh when shutdown yes i guess ;
i think? .