Option to hide like ratio on your game

if you liked the game at one point, and favorited the game. But then the developers did a 180 degree turn or released an update that made you feel distant towards the game, or you no longer liked it as much.

You might feel compelled to give the game a dislike. However, you might not want to unfavorite the game, as it’s a game you’ve spent a lot of your time on and still want to play. There are cases where you simply aren’t bothered to click the unfavorite button.

It could also be a case where you did favorite and like the game, but had a bad run in with staff and you gave the game a dislike.

This is purely your opinion, and there is nothing broke about it. There are two independent systems at work here. The ability to favorite a game, and the ability to like or dislike a game. One helps you find the game faster, the other effects the ratings of the game.

Surely you can see how a favorite may still be around even though a like or dislike could change.

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Hiding it is not the solution and it should stay until a better solution exists.
Many developers will hop through mental gymnastics to justify the bar hurts their game.

Not at all. A favorite is just a means to keep following a game and can often be in hope that it improves.

“Proper security” has nothing to do with it. What does is ways to filter reviews. It would take ages to filter to find actual comprehensive comments among all the junk comments.

The like/dislike serves a more primitive purpose than the quality of a product. Its roots lie in its enjoyment. A hard game for somebody wanting an easy game will be disliked and this is completely justified. Developer intent does not make a person enjoy a hard game more.

This ratio is more about how much of the community it appeals to.


But to a lot of people, the like / dislike ratio determines if the game is bad or not - not if it appeals to a certain demographic of players.

Personally, I think Roblox needs to implement a review system alongside the Like / Dislike ratio, so that, Oh I don’t know, developers actually get feedback instead of wondering why their game is getting disliked by players.

Sure this can be coded in by developers themselves, but it’s a lot better and more convenient for Roblox to add this feature to the sight by default.

That was the beauty of Comments and they took them away all because a lack of proper security - i.e. playing a game for 5 minutes before being able to write a comment on it.

Personally, I think that’s how the likes / dislikes should be as well. Play the game for a total of 5 minutes before a rating can be given.


People can play games without enjoying them. Recently seen that kind of skinner-box gameplay in popular simulator games, but it can be true for any game.

Hiding the like ratio will punish players because they won’t know which games are bad and not worth their time playing.
Again, there are separate threads about improving the rating system - it’s by no means perfect, but it definitely is an indicator that something’s wrong with your game if it’s too low.

Also - the favourite button does not mean you like the game. Think of it as a bookmark button - you save the page so you can come back to it later.


Likes and dislikes exist to guide users in terms of which games are enjoyed by the community, which games are broken or generally bad, and even to detour users from games that scam players.

Allowing users to hide this ratio would defeat its purpose, and would allow scams, bad games, and broken games to go under the radar.

Instead you should use this data to improve your game- maybe your user experience is bad, maybe something is broken, or maybe it’s as simple as something being unclear or too difficult- these are all issues that you should look in to fixing. The player is (almost) always right.

Once you fix the issues causing a player to dislike the game, then you will see the ratio balance out over time. Until you do this, it will remain low.


Dislikes Probably means your game is not great and needs improvements.
I think the best way to get around this would be to make a small simple, fun prototype game and see if it holds up. If it does just continue developing it :slight_smile:


Hiding the ratio just baits people into joining bad games. The playercount doesn’t speak for itself because a low like ratio means your retention sucks. No one is going to dislike your game and keep playing. Also something to note, if your ratio is so low it makes people not join (sub 60%) it doesn’t need to be constructive. You should know what’s wrong with your game if most of the people that join dislike. That said I do support a rating system that requires a comment like @TrustMeImRussian mentioned


If players do not observe the like ratio, then it is a useless feature which should be removed
If players do observe the like ratio, it has the potential to negatively impact games

I’m not sure if you mean it is popular/unpopular, but I believe it’s excessively relied upon
MAYBE I have a problem, but the little red bar makes me crazy

Yeah, if I enjoy a game I will give it a like and if I plan on playing it in the future I will favorite it
I won’t dislike it for having one little bit that I think could be changed while still enjoying it enough to favorite and play in the future

I think they are both very important to a games success, and I think listening to player feedback will increase player retention

My understanding from your examples is that players may only favorite and dislike a game at the same time is if they forget to unfavorite it when they dislike it (disliking a game they enjoyed before seems pretty rough though…it’s like completely abandoning all hope in the game?)

Disliking, while hoping it improves, negatively hurts the game though because it will dissuade others from trying the game (and seeing the potential it has)

Players can’t know why a game was disliked, so they either have the option to blindly decide with the ratio (and hard games become impossible to find by their desired audience), or players can play the game to try it out and ignore the like ratio; although, players will probably have a more critical eye because of the bias the like ratio implanted in them

Which community?

Maybe I am misunderstanding, but why would a player play something if he doesn’t enjoy it?

Yes, I support other threads in improving the rating system, but I want a way to just hide the like ratio-if a player does not want to spend time to try out a game, he can just scroll past it if it hides the like ratio (this is the developer’s choice)

Wanting to play a game you disliked just seems like a selfish way to deter new players from the game

Why is the playercount not dependent on the player retention? I think there are a finite amount of Roblox players

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And rightfully so. Potential doesn’t make it good. I think people should be dissuaded until it improves. Developers who abandon games due to it being disliked should probably get out of the industry. Its brutal. You need some form of natural selection in order for the games that appeals to people shines and the ones that don’t fails. Your whole complaint is trying to get a jail-free card out of this brutality. Simply because you might not agree with the ratio which will likely be biased. If the game is negatively hurt that shows your game needs to do something different if you want it to appeal to the audience that plays Roblox.

I don’t see this as a problem. A game that appeals to the audience won’t struggle with this. You know if you are an outlier and will know that the ratio won’t represent you well. The like bar is about majority.

The Roblox community? You know the people playing games.


Couldn’t have said it better. The like bar (or any similar rating system) is vital.


I’ll refer you to this video on skinner-box type games - people don’t always enjoy what they play:




As a Roblox developer, it is incredibly frustrating to see users intentionally dislike a game because they have a grudge against a user, or they think it is funny. This is particularly common with “communities” of groups.

Recently, a skiing game of mine, for example, got a large influx of dislikes. A fellow ski community is run by a bunch of kids who were removed from one of our Discord servers because they were immature/inappropriate, underage (<13), and have caused issues in the past. They decided to revolt and spam our game with dislikes.

This not only makes a game look bad, but it discourages a developer who worked on something to only get hurt by dislikes that are there not because the content is malicious or bad, but because the person giving it thinks they are funny or has a grudge.

My idea is either removing it as a whole, not allowing a rating to be shown if it is under a certain amount of likes/dislikes, or allowing the developer to hide that from the public. This would help prevent developers from having their game, image, etc. from being penalized by users that intentionally want to damage a competitor or user/group they have a grudge with.


The like/dislike feature should be removed from experiences or a setting that allows this.
It is useless to the developer because there is no reason as to why a person gave a thumbs down.
If an experience has more thumbs-down than thumbs-up, it deters players from joining an experience. That experience may have been super fun and engaging!

I agree with the Original Poster here.
By default, the like/dislike feature is ENABLED.
By configuring the experience, the developer can DISABLE it.

An alternative to this, is to keep users from liking/disliking an experience UNLESS they are 13+ verified by an ID. But that does nothing to all the experiences that already have their majority thumbs-down. Unless, by implementing that feature, Roblox removes every account’s likes/dislikes that are not 13+ verified by ID.

As a developer, it is utterly CRUSHING to see an experience you spent hours upon hours creating just to be mass-disliked for reasons unknown. This discourages developers to continue developing, even when the experience they developed is very finished, welcoming, and interesting.

The like/dislike function for free models/etc. can be kept as is.


This will just be the same as Youtube, now scummy games will be pushed to people since you cant see the dislikes. Dislikes are, and will be, a critical part for discovery, as it gives a 1 look idea into what you might get.

If dislikes are removed, making bait and switch games will be easier, as now, they can hide people trying to help others not play.