OrderedDataStore get ranking?

Let’s say I created an OrderedDataStore called “KOs”. If there are a total of 1000 players in the DataStore, is there any way to retrive my current ranking of all those players?

“Your current rank is rank: 534”

I couldn’t find any information on being able to do this with OrderedDataStores…?

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How exactly would that give me the position in the OrderedDataStore…?

Ah my bad. Misread the post.

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I’m not aware of any practical way of doing this.

The only way I’m aware of is to get the DataStorePages object and count up all the player until you reach who you’re looking for.

This should obviously be a bad idea. You’ll eat up your allowed data store requests with every page. You’ll have many pages if your game is popular. You don’t get a lot of requests for DataStorePages either, so this would not be a good idea at all.

This will only be feasible if you have a small list – something ideally around 700 or less, which is the most amount of entries you’ll be able to get if you have one player in the server. (Max entries per page is 100)

If you want to find the player’s position in a large list this, you’ll have to use some external database.


Can we turn this into a feature request?
I don’t think a real solution has been made yet, right?