OTS Gun System For SCP Game

I saw a Video on YouTube and wondered how to make a gun system like this? I’m not the best in scripting and animating, but I just want to know how to do something like this. Can anyone help?

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You want to know how he did the animation?

Scripting too cause I’m actually not the best scripter but I just wanna know is it possible to script something like that or is it pretty hard? I don’t really know that I never made an gun system but I wanna learn how to do something like that.

Its pretty easy, the animation is probably the hard part

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Ok can you roughly explain me how to actually do that? Because I’m to poor to hire a scripter for that rn xD

Umm so when the player equips the tool, you just play the animation. Look into tool.equiped event. When they unequip play the unequip animation. Look into tool.unequip

This is some pretty simple scripting and a lot of flashy animations. To make this you should first create a “normal” gun.

Once the gun can:
A) Shoot (until mag is empty)
B) Reload
C) Aim
D) [Optional] Run out of ammo

then you are done with the actual gun. To make it look the same as the video you need to play an animation when:

  • They equip a gun
  • Reload
  • Aim
  • Shoot
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For guns, I recommend using FastCast. You could also use PartCache with it aswell if you want to shoot multiple bullets a second.

FastCast is designed to utilize raycasting to simulate bullet physics and hit detection.

Here’s a pretty good video showing you how to use FastCast.

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