Outfit Shopping with the Bulk Purchase API

Everybody these days customizes their avatars inside of games like “Catalog Avatar Creator”, and instead of manually equipping everything you just bought, the games use the Catalog API to wear said outfits, which unfortunately limits how much you can actually wear causing you to have to manually equip some layered clothing, or accessories, which is why I’d really like the cap to be removed.


Really interresting feature I can add it to my outfit game but would you mind creating a “bulk” feature to update correctly a Roblox avatar by removing the limit of 1 type of accessory (except 3 for hat)
This would be really useful to use for those who make multiple purchases and for example want to update their avatar with several back accessories

This is such a cool update, unfortunately, I most likely won’t need to use it due to the current inflation :confused: (but I can see it being used in avatar catalog)

But anyways is there any chance we will get one for dev products any time soon?