Packages: Sharing & Collaboration [Activated!]

Finally! Loving these new updates, Thanks you all.

This is really cool and all but I’m worried about the fact that if you can share this object AND edit universally at all time. What prevents someone to inject a virus or a malicious script at any given time?


This is very useful for me and for my friends. Thanks.

This seems like a fantastic update however, how would things like script protection work with this. Say I’m trying to give my script to someone but I dont want them to be able to just copy the contents, and start giving it to other people who I don’t authorize. Would there be some sort of way that a package receipt for scripts wouldn’t be able to see the scripts contents?

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I can finally send models to my peeps without anxiety pulling up. Thanks!

Heck YA BOY’S/GIRLS I was wounding if this was ever going to be a thing. WOOO roblox updates for Dev’s and only people are getting better. :+1: :123:

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Wow, this is amazing! The potential this feature has can really save people a lot of time digging through multiple updated models and replacing the same models in different games, as well as being an amazing tool for collaboration!

Great work team roblox!

This is cool - and it’s nice to see that the removal of the asset marketplace is supposedly leading to a new way to buy and sell “Packages” which basically hold assets, sooooooo… yeah. This is good news and I think the people who benefited from the old asset marketplace will be very pleased about this, all the while it seems that this will be able to weed out scammers and so on.

The group stuff will come in handy, QOL changes have been really great in the past couple of months. Thanks guys.

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So if I am understanding right, We will be able to sell models?

On Selling

I blurred it out because it is not currently possible with Packages. We want to get there.


Thanks for the response @nsgriff.

This is absolutely amazing, yet another heat update ROBLOX!

Awesome job! My team is hyped, we were in need of this.

This feature is now live for all users!


A very good and easy to use feature and the best word,

Thank you ROBLOX! Very cool!

(In all seriousness, thank you guys for your work, saved us alot of time :smiley:)

Is there a reason why group-owned packages don’t have the capacity to change use and view access? Why is there such a difference in the capability of user and group owned packages? I need to upload packages to one group and have them usable elsewhere as well.

Currently, in my group I have a defined development workflow where only three group members are able to publish to live games and other developers work on a separate team create in a different group. I need the main group to be able to access packages of the subgroup or vice versa.

Uploading packages to a particular person’s profile is counterintuitive to our workflow because whenever a development host leaves, then we have to go through the grueling process of transferring many hundreds of packages. By simply uploading them to the group, we never have to worry about who’s profile things go on and we can use development group packages in our main group.

Is this something I should write a feature request for?