Packages upgrade: Package configurations

what about linking one script to that attribute and then firing it, like bindable

Unlikely there will ever be something like that because it just encourages having bad invariants and making your debugging experience worse.

You mentioned the 20% difference in speed but missed the operative part: “and almost 8 times longer than simply storing a reference to an object”.

Your code should not be structured in such a way that you need to be doing either . or :FindFirstChild enough that the relative performance of the two is relevant. You should be getting your references upfront and directly using them in your tight loops.


When I wrote that I was more of thinking of situations where the value is used 1-2 times.

To be honest, the 20% slowness is just a scary number when you see it at face value but for most or all cases it doesn’t matter. 20% slower than 0.000006499991286545992 is 0.00000779998954385519; this was done only by multiplying the number by 1.2, but when writing real test code it’s accurate.

In an ideal world, we would only have FindFirstChild and dot syntax would be for property access, but obviously that ship has long since sailed so we currently have issues like namespace conflictions that’ve led to bugs in both developer code and CoreScripts, sometimes even just by a username.

Even if you just use the value 1-2 times, the 20% slowness isn’t going to deeply affect your systems, and you’ll want to write more defensive code that relies less on timing if so. There are a few cases where you want high precision and that’s when you establish your variables beforehand.

It’s a good thing this trap wasn’t fallen into with attributes and it was instead given a discrete API which already feels nice and clear when written in your code about what it’s doing.


I entirely agree with this statement. I’ve never viewed the fact that “FFC is slower than dot operator by 20%” as significant detriment since time sensitive code often enough isn’t going to rely much on FFC anyhow.

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I am really looking forward to the Instance reference attributes.

And in addition, can the ability to copy and paste attributes be added as a Studio feature? One current advantage of the Value instances is how you can easily copy and paste it, allowing you to quickly add functionality to multiple instances. Attributes are missing this so I hope this can be made into a feature.

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Package is still not as advanced as it should be. There can be a performance improvement feature for Packages. For an instance, if the Package is a compilation of massive amount of content; being able to filter out which places has this asset and which places don’t have this asset would improve this a lot.

This will also allow Package to not be as laggy to update as well.

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