Park/River Build Feedback

Hello, this build took roughly 4 hours in total, and I would like to get some feedback on it!

I will accept any constructive criticism with open arms!


To be honest, this look great, the lighting too but
Is this like a Showcase?

Not really, I’m trying to see what people think of it, and if I should make any changes or whatnot.

Umm well, you game looks nice so don’t worry with that, btw I just wish you luck for you project. :wink:

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Wow! It’s amazing especially when you know that you pulled this off in 4 hours. Best of Luck :smiley:

Wow, I am extremely impressed. The lighting and terrain leave me in shock. The only thing I would do is change the texture of the horizontal part of the railings. I’ve never really seen the rope of a railing made of out concrete before.

I really like it, I’m suprised you made this in 4 hours. I’m pretty sure the grass and the trees are free models, maybe make your own. Or credit the creator. Also maybe calm down the lighting would help.

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Looks good, nice use of textures.

The grass is regular Roblox grass with decorations turned on.