Part Size Min 0.05 is now enabled

We have discussed doing this before; we would very much like to preserve the uniformity between CSG and other parts, but we’d need to look at all existing content that would change its behavior first. We will not do this without separate announcements/etc. for sure.

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If more information is required to make an informed decision regarding part sizes, wouldn’t this be an excellent task for the ROBLOX QA Testers group that was put together to test limitations and find bugs?

If an update was added temporarily to allow sized 0 parts, then I’m sure a lot of people would be happy to try and find stability issues and glitches.

Not to mention I’m sure a lot of people here would be willing to help out regardless as well.

This could probably help you guys gather more information and use cases as to what would need to be fixed in the future for the update to be applied permanently.

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Isn’t that what gametest is for?

One or the other, the difference is gametest is for public testing and QA is specifically to gather reports and information.

One major question and suggestion about small part physics ; WHY even giving any part below 0.2 or 0.1 collisions and a mass which matches its visual size ???

Wouldnt it just be somehow possible to like limit a parts physics to 0.2 ; and to make anything below this ONLY optically smaller ; ?! just as special meshes work ?!

I seriously mean : where the hell and why should it be ever needed to give a part or meshpart even a mass and collisions of lets say under 0.2 0.1 or 0.05 ??

No other game engine i know uses the actually mass and collisions of very small objects since it will surely always cause only trouble no matter if the engine was even made for the purpose.

So guys pls stop focusing on the collisions and physics for those small parts and simply make anything below 0.2 0.1 or 0.05 get only optically smaller ?

Ik it may be only my personal opinion but it just sounds logical for me in terms of game development :neutral_face:

furthermore it would and or could fix issues with big shadow splotches of the current lighting system which appear already with very small / thin meshparts especially planes.

Parts under .2 minimum isn’t just a highly requested feature to make small details on maps. Its also an engineering goal internally to push forward. This also means applying collisions and physics to those parts.

No other game engine in the world has such a wide spectrum of creations that their creators enjoy making. In order to free that limitation we also want to provide accurate simulations for the ones who want this sort of behavior.

We appreciate the feedback and will take a look at this in the future.


Sure if you guys manage to succeed with those small scale physics then its fine (:

If physics below 0.05 fail then remember my suggestion ^^

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