Part that can't collide with players

Neither of them work. Is there a script I can just put into the part?

Since it’s only one part, is it possible that the script you made (if edited) could work if I just put it in that part?

On ur post, you asked. A script that makes a part to not collide with players, and can collide with other parts.

At the end of the post. I see you are trying to make all Logs in ur SS being unable to Collide with anything, not collide with players and with parts…
The first reply from @StrongBigeMan9, about using CollisionGroups, its the proper approach if you dont want players to collide with the logs, and being able to hit the ground.

Why you want a Script inside the Wood Log part? You are planning to have many Logs in ur game and every log with its own script?
I think thats why Modules exist to not having lots of scripts inside lots of parts everywhere.

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I’m new to that stuff. How would I do it?

I placed a Script inside ServerScriptService. And I created a Folder called Logs inside ServerStorage, and a part called “wood” inside that Folder.

Just check the Script inside ServerScriptService. Its the same approach other Devs, told you.
Logs Not Collide With Players.rbxl (23.9 KB)

For testing Im spawning 50 “woods” randomly on map to check if the player still unable to collide with them.

It seems to not work, I’m not sure if it’s because my parts are inside a model called “Logs” or what. What I was looking for is a script I can put inside of a part.

idk what u mean by “it seems to not work”. Open the file I sent, and works.
Take that simple script and put it into ServerScriptService. Its not important if your part called wood is inside a model or inside a folder.
That idea of placing a script inside the part, I dont understand why u want to do that, its not a good practice…

Look. In which moment of the game you want to make the character’s parts to not collide with the wood logs?
When the game starts? when the player cuts the tree then the logs falls?
First you need to have an idea of the events and process of your system before trying to just “woods wont collide with players”… thats vague…

I gave you an example, When a player joins, all parts inside their character are placed in a Collision Group that is set to Not collide with the group called Logs. That Logs group contains the part inside your ServerStorage… Now, when a player chop a tree, you clone that wood log, which is already Not collidable with the player, so, all woods that will spawn will be unable to collide with any player, and being able to collide with the other parts in game.

Whats your idea? Placing a script inside the wood log, and when the wood log is spawned, run that script, to do what? check all players in server on a loop, get their character’s parts, set the wood on group1, set the characters parts on group 2…? Very inefficient…

Theres no need to have a script inside the wood log for a simple task like collision groups