Particle Related Bullet Drop

Hello! I’m currently working on new guns for a few of my roblox groups, I was wondering how I should go about making these realistic with a bullet drop? I have looked around and I saw some methods that would work but I really want to get a feel for these, plus it doesn’t look so hot with particles.

How would you guys recommend I go about making something like this? A blaster from starwars, to be more specific.

As I said I already looked at some methods which ultimately make a really slow moving, poorly scripted, or a not so good looking bullet. Any advice?

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There are two good methods. If the default Roblox physics instances don’t perform well enough, basic ballistic equations are well known. It would be trivial to make a part and CFrame it every frame on each client (but still keeping hit detection server side).

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In terms of good looking, you want to use Trails instead. They look good, and are really efficient (you can literally just put two Attachments and a Trail in Terrain and you’d move it by setting the Position property on the Attachments). A decent client could handle more than a thousand of them at once.

Are you sure you’ve read some of the methods? The ones I can find easily seem to be pretty good:

If something is moving slowly, you should be able to just modify the speed. If something is poorly scripted, you can just rewrite it. Remember that you have control of the code.

Also, Star Wars blasters don’t have bullet drop. Blaster bolts are plasma and don’t have much mass. They do lose cohesion at long ranges, though.


So for each ray/arch do you recommend that I set the trail to the end point of that arch and the beginning point? Would that not make it look a bit choppy or should that work good?


I didn’t end up using what you provided but your trail idea with the basic understanding of how I should go about this ended up showing me my own solution that I came up with. Thank you!