Parts freezing in the air when far away from another moving part

I’m not sure if I did the best explaining the issue in the title, but basically parts freeze in the air when they are not close to another moving part (in this case a cannon ball)

What am I doing wrong? I assume it’s a problem with physics? (additional apologies incase this is the incorrect category)


I’m not exactly sure, but im assuming its a lag problem. My reason behind this is because in your video a cannonball rolls over to a piece of the castle and the piece moves.

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How does that mean that it’s a lag issue? Also, I doubt it’s a lag issue. I’ve tested it on several devices with the same result.

It looks more like something else than what you are describing. It’s not lag - the blocks are only moving when they are a certain distance away from the cannon balls, from what I am seeing in your video.

I’m not sure why this is, but if you have some custom collision code then it might have something to do with that, assuming that my prediction is correct. What does everyone else think?

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What you said actually makes more sense then what I said about lag. I agree on this.

No custom code for collisions. Also, what you described you see is what I meant in my original post.

Maybe if you could give more information on your post?

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Such as? I’ve described everything I see happening in my original post. There are no other things out of the ordinary that seem to be happening.

It could be due to the blast pressure.

I have blast pressure set quite high. Might this be the issue? I’ll try lowering it.

You haven’t provided any code, no information about how you coded it (other than what I asked about physics). We’re in the dark and you’re holding onto the flashlight.


I feel the code may not be very necessary. It is very simple, I create a ball part with and tween the cannon ball in an arc. When it detects that it touched a part it’ll spawn and explosion and end the tween.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be an issue with blast pressure.

Maybe it has something to do with… this?

It might not be related at all, but you should try Enabling the newest Sleeping Part that is currently in Beta : [Beta - Test Me!] Sleeping Part Behavior Improvements
if this works, then this means your issue will be automatically fixed in Online mode in perhaps a few months, if no large scale issue occurs.

It isn’t lag, the brick physics gets stuck because it’s tries to optimize the fall(?) due that it assume nobody is around and seeing it, therefore having a odd rendering,

However, parts that are close to you will be rendered and taken in charge by the client (You) automatically if you’re the closest player to it, object’s physics is temporarily the propriety of the user, also i believe it can be manually set to a chosen player via script.


I discovered that it has something to do with welds. Not sure what, they are just regular welds that I want to break apart with the explosion. I’ll probably just end up unanchoring all the blocks around the cannon ball.

Figured it all out. It had something to do with exploding the parts / destroying the welds from the client. Switching it to the server got rid of the problem!


The real issue looks to be that you have automatic network ownership applied to these parts and the freezing is a result of change of network owners. If you give a client (or the server) network ownership explicitly, automatic behaviour is disabled and switching won’t occur.

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Ah, that makes much more sense. Figured it probably had something to do with network ownership when I handled it on the server only.