Party teleports are live for all users


Overly proud of Nathan!


Very proud of Nathan!


Very proud of Nathan!


Is there a reason this only works within a game’s own places? I don’t understand the restriction.


Very proud of Nathan!


100% agree with this, it severely limits the use cases of this API for certain types of groups for no reason as far as I can see


You are all the best. :hugs::hugs:

Couldn’t have done it without an awesome mentor (@Seranok) and a great engineering team (@oldmannt @thorisviking)


This is an awesome feature, but I will find very little use out of it because I can’t teleport users to places outside of its own universe.

This is useful for a ton of reasons:

  • Teleporting to test places
  • Teleporting War Clans to the same server when raiding
  • Visiting other games as a group

Can this be looked into?