People create game-breaking scripts in my script builder game

So basically some people know of me i am working on Leaped Script Builder it’s basically a fighting game where you can create your own scripts to fight eachother, and also cool/funny stuff such as rockets to space, spawning cars. But there’s a darker side, people create scripts to destroy the whole server, they ban/kick others, Noot the game, Toadroast the game etc.Some of them even contain flashing images.
What do i want to achieve? I want to prevent those flashing images for others, because recently my brother got trouble of those flashing images ingame. So i want to create a system to create a webhook log, it’s like a system where you can see what scripts everyone uses. But i have no and no idea how i could create this system.
My ingame executor is seen here and it’s just used for the gameplay of this game.The middle is just a Textbox, when you enter your script and press Enter it’ll execute your script you want and it runs on require(ID).load(“UserName”) so assets that already exist in roblox, but as i mentioned earlier people create game/experience destroyers. and i want to make it where i and my staff team can see what scripts are being used. I want to have it with a discord webhook system.
Is anyone able to help me out?
Please react below or PM me on twitter @RBLXLimit for more details/information.
Thank you!


I could think of logging scripts with the UserID in a DataStore.

However, the problem is that this problem cannot be prevented, it can only be stopped sooner with logging. You might want a new approach at this, because I’m sure it’s hard to prevent those things to happen in the first place.

What you’re looking for is called a “sandbox”.
Here’s a sandbox someone released as a community resource:

I’d recommend not making a script builder if you don’t know how to make a proper sandbox. Even if you do know how to make a seemingly good sandbox, people will likely find a way around it. Plus, script-builder-like games generally require an active community of moderators due to the nature of the amount of freedom players are given. Why not join a pre-existing and well-moderated SB community, like void script builder?

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Like the others (said above) have suggested, there are ways to slow this, but truly there is no way to really stop it because when you give people the freedom to create their own scripts they will most likely always find a way to achieve something.

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Yes,ya’ll right. I cannot prevent people making game breaking scripts. I only can blacklist scripts like “Noot noot” scripts.

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