PGS Solver breaks my game

I heard apparently they are getting rid of the Legacy Spring Physics today(March 4, 2019). However it still has problems with BodyMovers.

BodyMovers with PGS

BodyMovers without PGS

I personally think you guys should just deprecate BodyMovers as a whole if your deprecating the Legacy Physics. They wouldn’t be useful at all, at least for me. Any suggestions?

There are MANY people still using bodymovers, one would be me, the new constraint replacements such as line force… don’t give us the same functions and abilities as bodymovers, they aren’t even intended to, therefore removing would be a huge mistake, however updating and patching bugs would be great.



Not suitable as support request, please follow guidelines:

There is not enough information here for anyone to help you out. Consider first debugging your game and then coming back with specific, detailed questions on each problem that you encounter in changing your game from the old solver to PGS.

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