Physics Best Practices

No they will not collide with each other or create contacts when in the same assembly.
This is also true with some constraints such as HingeConstraints. Even though the two hinged parts will be in separate assemblies, they will not create contacts between them (unless overridden with a touch event I believe)

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So I have a script where I CFrame a part under the character using Run Service heartbeat locally is there an alternative to this because I see you said CFraming should be reserved for specific teleportation.

Also Is there any tutorials out there on align position and align orientation?

Right, so if this part that has the CFrame set every frame is intended to have physical interactions with things (collisions, etc), then you may have better results by using an AlignPosition/AlignOrientation. The best tutorials would probably just be the intro to constraints and attachments, and the documentation page for AlignPosition, and AlignOrientation.

But if this is purely for visual purposes, and you don’t need any replication (or you are replicating yourself), then there’s nothing wrong with your approach

Ok, I also have 2 other questions

One is that Is there a way to make realistic collisions with physics or anything else in the roblox API to avoid things like this image

My other question is how to avoid weird collisions with parts connected with motor 6ds… so I’ve been working on a basketball game and I Connect the ball to characters with a motor 6d connected to the root part I believe this makes the ball count as a body part to the character even though it’s not parented to the character. Which means I still experience weird collisions with the ball and the character even though I’ve made collision groups to set Character Body Parts not to collide with the ball.

How could I avoid making cars be awake whenever moving, using A-Chassis whenever the car is moving everything including uncancollided parts that are welded to the “Driveseat” are brought awake.

I only need the wheels and “driveseat” awake so how could I fix this?

It’s moving, so it has to be awake.


If I have an un-anchored tree model,
welded to an anchored tree stump on the ground,

Does the tree model still try to process physics if a player touches it? Or must the weld break first?

physics wont be applied to the tree thats welded to the anchored stump