Pick - quick instance selection

isn’t the wildcard example wrong?
or i might be mistaken

Nope - looks fine to me. Which part did you think was wrong with it, out of curiosity?

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I think the right side of the example picture should be like this
ik a very big detail

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Fair - I’ll update the graphic. Thanks!

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Is there any way to select instances with specific properties? I want to select all textures in a game which have a specific ID in them to change their scale.


Hello, would you know how to do this:
In a folder in workspace named “Bushes”, I have multiple models named “Bush” and in them two types of meshparts, “Leaves” and “Leaf”. In them are two things, textures and scripts, but how would I just get rid of the scripts in these specific bushes (named Script)? There are scripts in other models, but I only want to select the leaves and leaf scripts. TIA!

EDIT: I got it working! This plugin is actually quite useful once you get the hang of it. Thanks!

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I hope there will be descendant matching, this is something that’d be really useful for me

It would be great if this feature came. For example, select all the objects whose color is Royal Purple.


XAXA’s Part Picker might help with your case, but I’m talking about more specific instances like decals and textures.

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hello there! i wonder if i can do the next thing: selecting a specific type of union that has a name, but comes in that theres more things that have that same name, but i just want those Unions named that not the other things named the same as idk an attachment having the same name

Example: i want to select something called “Stick”
i type Stick and those get selected, comes in that the plugin selects all the things called Stick but theres Unions, Attachments, Decals, etc that are called “Stick” so how could i make it so it ONLY picks the “Unions” called Stick, not interested in selecting the Decals & Attachments

Thanks if you answer! im kinda new on pro scripting

This is really useful to the Roblox Dev Community! Thanks for posting this.

This is so useful buy why R$ 8,285

he explains the price changes on his channel, but now its usd. he has a form you can fill out if its hard to get the plugin in your country

Thanks elttob! enjoy the $30! well worth it.

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